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COMMERCE 1MA3 - Introduction to Marketing

Canadian company and industry resources.

Market Share

No strictly Canadian compendium of market share information exists. You often have to gather the information yourself - by searching newspaper, magazine and journal databases, contacting the company, or calculating a rough estimate of market share using sales from Canadian company directories (e.g., Calculating Market Share Using Canadian Business Database).

You need to include the top three competitors in your industry as defined by your SIC or NAICS code. Your company may or may not belong on this list. One column should indicate the names of the companies in order of largest to smallest market share. The second column should indicate the market share percentage (based on the industry size) that is associated with each company. The third column needs to show the value of the market shares translated into sales or revenue of the industry. To be clear, you are calculating this based on the industry size amount (industry size times market share)(e.g., C$10 million x 20% = C$2 million) not on your company’s overall revenue.

  • McMaster Users OnlyBusiness Source Premier
    Find Canadian industry reports by selecting Industry Profiles on the Advanced Search screen of the Business Searching Interface. The industry profiles often include a section on market share.

  • open accessFP500: Canada's Largest Corporations
    Ranks the  top private & public companies in Canada based on revenue/assets. Also identifies leading companies in several industries including finance, insurance, multimedia, telecommunications and more. 
    Location of Print: MILLS Periodicals HG 179 .F472 (FP500 usually published in the June issue of Financial Post Magazine)
  • Best Bet!McMaster Users OnlyIBISWorld
    Contains 430 Canadian industry reports, most at the five digit NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) level. Check the Major Companies section of a report for market share information.
  • McMaster Users OnlyInvestext via Mergent Online 
    Investext section of Mergent Online contains full-text research reports on global companies and industries. Reports can provide competitive analysis and market share.
  • Market Share Reporter
    Contains worldwide market share data on companies, products and services. Make sure Canada appears in your table title.
    Location: STORAGE HF 5410 .M35 [1991-2018] (Subscription cancelled).
  • Best Bet!McMaster Users OnlyPassport
    Includes thousands of industry reports on international consumer, industrial and service markets. Search for the keyword Canada to retrieve a list of reports. The Competitive Landscape and/or Category Data sections of industry reports can include company market share information.

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