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COMMERCE 1MA3 - Introduction to Marketing

Canadian company and industry resources.

Industry Classification Codes

Directories and databases often arrange company information by industry classification codes (hierarchical numbers assigned to companies engaged in the same activity). Two classification codes are currently in use in Canada - the newer North American Industry Classification system (NAICS) and the older Standard Industrial Classification system (SIC). In most cases, you will have to identify both codes for an industry.

  • Best Bet!open accessNAICS (North American Industry Classification System) Canada 2022 Version 1.0 (Statistics Canada) 
    • NAICS was developed by the federal statistical agencies in Canada, the United States and Mexico for classifying business establishments by industry. NAICS is updated every 5 years. The most recent edition produced by Statistics Canada is NAICS 2022, Version 1.0. which was released on January 27, 2022.
    • Search or browse the classification structure to find a relevant 6-digit NAICS code, formal industry name and description for your course reports.
  • Standard Industrial Classification Manual (Dun & Bradstreet)
    Location: MILLS Library (3rd floor), Innis Collection Reference HF 1044 .C2D85 1986
    NOTE: This SIC code is not available online.
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