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COMMERCE 1MA3 - Introduction to Marketing

Canadian company and industry resources.

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Legal & Regulatory Environment

  • open accessCanLII (Canadian Legal Information Institute)  
    Centralizes links for federal and provincial legislation.
  • Best Bet!McMaster Users OnlyEIU Viewpoint (Economist Intelligence Unit)
    Covers the political, policy, business and economic outlook for nearly 200 countries and 26 sectors across six major industries.
    • In Viewpoint: Go to the Geography menu in the top toolbar and select Canada from the list. On the Canada page, scroll down to the Regulatory and Market analysis section for legal and regulatory information. Also on the Canada page, explore the links below the country heading (i.e., Essentials, Politics, Economy, Policy, Business Environment, Industries and Reports - particularly the Regulatory Environment report).
  • open accessHouse of Commons Debates (Hansard)  
    Search for keywords or browse a list of topics (e.g., names of acts) to find legal and regulatory information/discussion in the federal Parliament pertinent to your industry.
  • Best Bet!open accessIndustry Sources   
    Visit the sites and databases noted in the industry section of this guide for legal and regulatory information. Also check with your trade association website or contact.
  • Industry or Trade Associations​
    • Best Bet!McMaster Users OnlyAssociations Canada via Canada's Information Resource Centre
    • Use this directory to identify Canadian associations relevant to your industry. Association web sites can provide free content such as magazines, newsletters, statistics & industry trends. Especially useful for current legal and regulatory issues affecting an industry.
      Location of Print: MILLS and THODE Libraries HS 17 .A88 
    • ​Best Bet!open accessInformation by Industry Sector (Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada)
      If your industry is covered, explore the links that are related to legislation such as regulations and standards.
  • open accessJustice Laws (Government of Canada)
    Contains federal consolidated acts and regulations for Canada.
  • McMaster Users OnlyNewspaper, Magazine and Journal Databases   
    Search the article databases listed in this section of the guide. Type in your industry terms (e.g., retail) along with the following search words (regulatory or regulations or regulation or law or laws or legislation or act or acts or statute or statutes or bill or bills) to find articles relevant to this environment.
  • open accessPrimary Sources of Law - Canadian Legislation (Legal Research Tutorial - University of Toronto - Bora Laskin Law Library)
    Lists the different jurisdictions and provides links to the federal/provincial legislative bodies.
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