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A Guide to Omni

A guide to Omni, an academic search tool that gives you access to information resources from McMaster and other participating Ontario university libraries.

Review Search History

As you are conducting searches in Omni, your searches will be temporarily saved to search history for the duration of the active session.

If you Sign in to Omni first and conduct your searches, you may "pin" a search from the Search History list for future use. It will be saved to My Favourites in the Saved Searches section.

NOTE: If the active session times out or you Sign out of Omni (without pinning search), the search history is automatically deleted.

  • To check your search history, click on the clock icon in the Omni banner.

Search History icon in Omni

  • A list of all previous searches will appear under Search History. Click on any search to perform the search again.

Omni Search History

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