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A Guide to Omni

A guide to Omni, an academic search tool that gives you access to information resources from McMaster and other participating Ontario university libraries.

Search within Newspapers

Select Newspapers from the More ... menu in the Omni banner or select Newspapers search > from the Resource Type filter after Simple Search or Advanced Search results are displayed.

This option only includes online news articles from McMaster Libraries. NOTE: For more comprehensive and precise news searches, try searching a news database separately and/or consult this research guide on How Do I Find News?

Enter search words to find articles within newspapers. NOTE: To find a specific newspaper title or news source (e.g, The Hamilton Spectator, The New York Times), try Journal Search, Simple Search or Advanced Search in Omni instead.

Options in the Modify your results column, include Sort by, Availability, Date of PublicationSubject, Language, Database and Publication Title. Consult Modify Your Results for more information on these filters.

        Example: indigenous reconciliationSearch within newspapers in Omni

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