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A Guide to Omni

A guide to Omni, an academic search tool that gives you access to information resources from McMaster and other participating Ontario university libraries.

Pinning Items

As you discover items of interest in Omni, you can "pin" them to My Favourites. NOTE: Sign in to Omni if you want to save pinned items in My Favourites for future use, otherwise, the pinned items will only remain in My Favourites temporarily and will disappear once you leave your current Omni session.

  • Select the push pin icon beside an item to Add to My Favourites.
    Pin or Add Item to My Favourites
  • Unpin or Remove Item from My FavouritesSelect the push pin icon beside a pinned item to Remove from My Favourites
  • To pin many items at once, select the checkboxes next to items of interest (up to a maximum of 50 records) and then select the push pin icon at the top of the results list to Add to My Favourites.

Pin or Add Many Selected Items to My Favourites

View, Label & Export Pinned Items

To view, label or export items that you've pinned and saved to My Favourites ...

  • Sign in to Omni
  • Select the large push pin icon in the Omni banner to Go to my favourites
    Go to my favourites in Omni
  • Items you've pinned and saved, should be listed in the Saved Records section of My Favourites
  • To sort pinned items, use the Sort by option (i.e., Date added, Title, Author). NOTE: Sorting is also available if you don't Sign in to Omni.
  • In the Labels box, click on Unlabeled Items to create a new label or add an existing label to saved records. Items can have multiple labels. One label option may be a course code or project name.
  • Saved records can be labeled, removed or exported one at a time or as a group by selecting the relevant icons.
    • Each individual item has its own Label (pencil icon), Remove (push pin icon), and Export (three dots ... ) options on the right side of the brief record.
    • To perform these functions on a group of items, select the checkbox next to each item of interest. Once the records are marked, the label, remove and export options appear in the My Favourites banner.

Example: View, label and export items in My Favourites

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