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A Guide to Omni

A guide to Omni, an academic search tool that gives you access to information resources from McMaster and other participating Ontario university libraries.

Omni Academic Search Tool logoOmni is a multi-disciplinary academic search tool that offers enhanced discovery and delivery of information resources at McMaster, our Omni partner institutions, and beyond.

Omni can search for articles, books, journals, videos and other resources in a variety of formats at McMaster and 17 other Ontario university libraries at the following Omni partner institutions:

1. Algoma 4. Guelph 7. McMaster 10. Ontario Tech 13. Trent 16. Wilfrid Laurier
2. Brock 5. Lakehead 8. Nipissing 11. Ottawa 14. Waterloo 17. Windsor
3. Carleton 6. Laurentian 9. OCAD 12. Queen's 15. Western 18. York

NOTE: New Omni partner coming soon - Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) joining summer 2024.

Omni is also home to your Library Account.

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Search scopes in OmniBy default, Omni searches the collections of McMaster and other Omni partner libraries.

To change the scope you'd like to search, use the drop-down menu located beside the Simple Search box (as shown on the right) or use the radio buttons on the Advanced Search screen. The options are listed from broadest to narrowest search scope.

The different search scope options are described in the table below.

Search Scope What's the Difference? Keep in Mind ...

1. McMaster + Other Omni Libraries [default]

Searches physical and online resources at all McMaster Libraries plus physical resources at 17 other Omni partner libraries.

McMaster in this search scope includes both Catalogue & Articles+

This search scope is a useful starting point for research, especially if the topic is multi-disciplinary and you want to survey the extent of information from a variety of resource types.

Online resources at Other Omni Libraries are not included due to licensing restrictions.

You can discover items that are not available at McMaster, but you can freely request these items either within Omni directly from the search results or by using the Omni blank request form.

2. McMaster Libraries (Catalogue & Articles+)

Searches physical and online resources at all McMaster Libraries.

This search scope includes everything in the default search scope, EXCEPT physical resources at Other Omni Libraries. Focus is on local holdings.

Although fairly comprehensive, this search scope does not include everything available through McMaster libraries. For more complete results, also consider searching databases and consulting research guides relevant to your subject area.

3. McMaster Libraries (Catalogue only) Searches physical and online resources at all McMaster Libraries, but EXCLUDES Articles+ (i.e., individual articles, book chapters, reports, and other content contained in subscription and open access databases). This search scope is useful when you want to find a specific or known item (book, journal, movie, etc.) included in the collections at McMaster libraries.

If additional searching options are required for Catalogue content (such as browsing by author, title or subject headings), select Browse in the Omni banner.
4. Archives & Research Collections Searches physical resources at The William Ready Division of Archives & Research Collections in Mills Library (Lower Level) and the Bertrand Russell Archives in the Bertrand Russell Centre (88 Forsyth Avenue North) at McMaster University.

For online archival material, visit the Digital Archive at McMaster Univeristy Library. For additional information and links, see Archives & Research Collections Digital Collections.

For Health Sciences Archives (FHS, HHS & Affiliates) consult this guide and visit the C. Barber Mueller History of Health and Medicine Room in the Health Sciences Library (Lower Level) in the McMaster University Medical Centre (MUMC).

5. Course Reserves Searches physical resources such as print textbooks and DVDs on course reserve (short-term loan) at Mills, Thode and Health Sciences libraries at McMaster University. Search or browse for reserve materials by course instructor, course name or keywords.   For online resources or eReserves, check your course in Avenue to Learn.
NOTE: Physical resources can include print materials (books, journals, government publications, etc.), DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, microfilm, microfiche and other items that cannot be directly accessed online via a web browser. Online resources typically include online materials (e-books, e-journals, databases, streaming videos, etc.) that can be directly accessed via a web browser.
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