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A Guide to Omni

A guide to Omni, an academic search tool that gives you access to information resources from McMaster and other participating Ontario university libraries.

Create Alerts / Notifications

When you have a search that retrieves highly relevant results, set up an alert to run the search automatically and then email you the results.

To create and save an alert ...

  • Sign in to Omni.
  • Submit a search and click Save query when you are satisfied with your search criteria (i.e., words, filters,search string, etc.)
    Example: Articles on "climate change" AND "polar bear*" AND (population* OR ecology)

Set Alert / Notifications in Omni

  • A gold banner with a bell will appear at the top of the screen - click Turn on notification for this query. NOTE: The search query is also saved to My Favourites.
  • In the Notifications settings pop-up window, enter your email address and click Save Query.

Once an alert is set up, you will receive a weekly email that provides an Omni link containing all of the new resources generated from your search alert. The first ten titles are listed as direct links.

To manage your Alerts within My Favourites (select large push pin in the Omni banner) go to the Saved Searches section.

  • Click the RSS (Rich Site Summary) icon for the saved search that you want to monitor. Subscribe to the feed if your browser has an RSS reader.
  • Click the bell icon to turn alerts/notifications ON or OFF 
  • Click the push pin icon to cancel or remove saved searches.

Manage Saved Searches in Omni

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