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A Guide To At Home Media

This guide explains how to create quality digital media at home.

Getting Started Checklist

Getting Started Checklist

Before you begin, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Reduce any background noises in your recording environment (consider a room with soft surfaces or even a closet, stay away from fans/vents, and move away from sources of traffic noise or other people talking).
  • Have a script/outline ready (less editing will be required when you have already prepared what you would like to say).
  • Make sure your phone has enough storage space (for long recordings consider breaking up your script into smaller segments).
  • Set your phone to airplane mode or do not disturb (this will prevent any distractions or notification noises).
  • Locate where the microphone is on your phone (make sure it is not covered and that it is pointed at you when you record).
  • Hold your phone about 8 inches from your face when recording (this will avoid breath from hitting the mic, and is close enough to capture your voice well).


Figure 1: Diagram of microphone distance


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