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A Guide To At Home Media

This guide explains how to create quality digital media at home.

Recording Audio with an Android (HD Audio Recorder)

At Home Media: How to record great audio with an Android (2:48 min)


Adjust recording quality:

  1. Open the HD Audio Recorder App.
  2. Open the menu (three horizontal lines). 
  3. Select custom.
  4. Select the mic settings button and choose phone or earphones
  5. Adjust the Gain, LCF, and LMT sliders to desired levels.

Gain: The sensitivity of the microphone (the higher the gain, the louder the recording)

LCF: The “Low Cut Filter” removes any low-pitched noises, such as a fan (the higher the LCF value, the more noise is cut out) - Be careful of voice distortion if taken too far.

LMT: The “Limiter” prevents clipping and audio from reaching a certain loudness.

Make an audio recording:

  1. Open the HD Audio Recorder App.
  2. Have your script ready.
  3. Select the red circle button to begin recording, hold phone 8-inches from your face.
  4. When finished, select the grey square button to stop recording. (The HD Audio Recorder provides the option to edit your audio file at this point, but you may find it easier to edit audio on a computer using proper audio editing software.)
  5. Your audio recording will automatically be saved to your phone.
  6. To listen to your audio recording, touch the play button.

Exporting audio recordings from your phone:

  1. Tap the share (I.e., “...”) button beside the audio recording.
  2. Select the sharing method that works best for you

Note: For longer recordings, it is more efficient to transfer audio files to your computer using a cable connection.

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