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A Guide To At Home Media

This guide explains how to create quality digital media at home.


Pre-Production is the first phase in traditional filmmaking. This is the time to develop the video concept and plan the entire video shoot.



Roles Involved: The entire film crew

  • Research the topic
  • Pitch ideas to each other
  • Come up with a concept/direction/style for the videO



Depending on video type and timeline, certain video projects might not require all planning items, but it is a good idea to implement some.

Roles Involved: The entire film crew

  • Create a storyboard 
  • Write a script
  • Create a shot list 
  • Create a filming schedule

Free downloadable templates for each of these planning items are available at the bottom of this section.


Tutorial Videos

At Home Media: Storyboarding (1:27min)



Digital Skills Series*: Video Pre-Production Tips (9:58 min)

*The Digital Skills Series is a partnership between McMaster Student Success Centre and Lyons New Media Centre.

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