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A Guide To At Home Media

This guide explains how to create quality digital media at home.


Post-production is third phase in traditional filmmaking. This is the time when all the recorded material is organized and edited together to create a video.

The post-production phase often requires multiple rounds of edits; first assembly, rough cut, fine cut, and final cut. Each cut is to be reviewed by key stakeholders in the project before moving on in the editing process. The post-production phase is very iterative and can often take the most time in the entire video production process.

Roles Involved: Director, Video Editor

  • First Assembly (arrange footage onto a timeline consistent to the film’s storyboard)
  • Rough Cut (trim footage, add transitions, titles, etc., to make the first draft of the video)
  • Fine Cut (refine the overall video, paying close attention to every cut)
  • Final Cut (apply colour grading, audio mixing, special effects, and closed captioning).

Tutorial Videos


At Home Media: Sorting Footage (1:10 min)



At Home Media: Video Editing Basics (4:34 min)



Digital Skills Series*: How to edit videos with Adobe Premiere (28:42 min)

*The Digital Skills Series is a partnership between McMaster Student Success Centre and Lyons New Media Centre.

Video Editing Software

The following tables contains lists of video editing software that are available on Lyons’ media computers, which can be access by McMaster community members, as well as other software options that can be downloaded and installed on personal devices.

Lyons New Media Centre

Software Compatibility Availability Resources
Adobe Premiere Pro*
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Mac
DaVinci Resolve
  • Windows
  • Mac

*Adobe Creative Cloud access: Adobe CC can only be accessed by booking media computers for in-person use, as the licensing agreement does not allow for remote access.


Other Software Options

Software Compatibility Availability Resources
Final Cut Pro
  • Mac
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Mac


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