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How Do I Find SWOT Analyses?

Sources for worldwide company, industry, country and city SWOT analyses.


McMaster Users OnlyPassport

Contains international country, city, consumer and company reports by Euromonitor.  Categories or report titles that often include SWOT related information are ...

  • Business Dynamics (e.g., Business Dynamics: Bangladesh)
  • Cities Review (e.g., Canada Cities Review)
  • Economy, Finance and Trade (e.g., Economy, Finance and Trade: Italy)
  • Households (e.g., Households: China)
  • Income and Expenditure (e.g., Income and Expenditure: The USA)
  • PEST Analysis (e.g., PEST Analysis: Jamaica)
  • Sustainability (e.g., Sustainability: South Korea)
  • Global Company Profile (e.g., Swatch Group Ltd. in Personal Accessories (World)) ‚Äč

NOTE: Although the word "SWOT" may not appear in these reports, the content of the report may be relevant for such an analysis.  

  1. a) In the Search box on the main search screen, type a category or report title noted above along with a country or company name (e.g., business dynamics india; marriott global company profile) and select GO
    In the Result Lists, select the Analysis tab, scroll through the items and click on the title of a relevant report.
    NOTE: Keyword searching of full-text is not supported in Passport. In other words, a keyword search using SWOT will produce zero results or incomplete results. Only keywords in categories or report titles can be searched. 


  1. b) Select a Category across the top of the screen (e.g., Economies, Consumers). On the resulting page, go to the Explore Analysis box and select items form the drop-down menus  (e.g., Business Dynamics + India + Country Report) and select GO
    In the Results List, click on the title of a relevant report. 
  2. When the file opens, scroll through the report and/or Table of Contents (left side) to find the portion of the report relevant for a SWOT analysis.
    Use the output options (i.e., download, print) to save the document. 
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