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How Do I Find SWOT Analyses?

Sources for worldwide company, industry, country and city SWOT analyses.

DBRS Morningstar

McMaster Users OnlyDBRS Morningstar

The Rating Reports in DBRS include a section that identify the strenghs and challenges of a company or country (i.e. sovereigns). NOTE: Although the word "SWOT" does not appear in the rating report, the content of the report may be relevant for such an analysis. 

sreenshot icon Screenshots of the following instructions.

  1. Select Search and type in a company name (e.g., Dollarama) or country name (e.g., Norway)
  2. On the Results page, select Rating Report from the Content Type filter on the left. Review the results in the Research category and click on a report title to view a rating report.
  3.  On the Rating Report screen, go to the Available Documents section and select the PDF link to view the report.
  4.  The report should include a heading entitled Rating Considerations which evaluates the strengths and challenges of a company or country. Financial information is also typically included. Use the output options (i.e., download, print) to save the document. 
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