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How Do I Find SWOT Analyses?

Sources for worldwide company, industry, country and city SWOT analyses.


McMaster Users OnlyIBISWorld

Contains industry SWOT analyses by IBISWorld. Each Industry report includes a SWOT Analysis and other information useful for such an analysis (e.g., Key External Drivers). Industry iExpert Summaries also include questions relating to the industry's key external and internal issues.  

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  1. Search for an industry using keyword(s) (e.g., cannabis) or browse for an industry by selecting the Industry Research menu, then a specific region (e.g., Canada), then a particular industry report collection (e.g., Canada Industry Reports NAICS).   
  2. In the Search Results list, select report(s) tagged Industry or go to the Content Type menu and select the Industry options to limit your results to industry reports only. Once a relevant report is found in the results, click the report title to view full-text. 
  3. Once an Industry report is open, go to the NAVIGATION column (left side) and select Industry at a Glance > SWOT Analysis.  Content in other sections of the report may also inform a SWOT analysis (e.g., Industry Performance > Key External Drivers). Read save, or print the report.
  4. Select the lightbulb icon (left side) to view the corresponding Industry iExpert Summaries. Go to the iExpert NAVIGATION column and select  External Impacts Questions and Internal Issues Questions for more information and analysis that could be useful for the industry SWOT. Read, save, or print the summary.

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