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IBH 3AB3 - Applied Marketing Management

Business and marketing resources for the GTHA (Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area)

Hamilton Area Resources

Some Hamilton Spectator articles related to the 2021 Census:

Some Hamilton Spectator articles related to the 2016 Census:

Some Hamilton Spectator articles related to the 2011 Census:

  • This link includes the following three articles related to population in the Hamilton area.
    • February 10, 2012: Immigration - by the numbers
    • February 9, 2012: Hamilton by the numbers; What drove Hamilton's growth
    • February 9, 2012: Population growth slow and steady but still good
  • This link includes the following five articles related to age in the Hamilton area.
    • May 31, 2012: Census show dramatic change is coming
    • May 30, 2012: Burlington Neighbourhoods the most youthful
    • May 30, 2012: East Hamilton pocket big draw for older adults
    • May 30, 2012: Canada's wee baby boom
    • May 30, 2012: Going Grey; Latest Census Findings show Hamilton has a higher than average population of seniors - a call to action for health care officials
    • May 29, 2012: CENSUS: Hamilton, you're getting older (

Some Hamilton Spectator articles related to the 2006 Census:

  • open accessInvest In Hamilton
    Includes info on industries, incentives, data, reports and other economic development information on Hamilton.

  • Best Bet!open accessOpen Hamilton
    The City of Hamilton's open data portal covers topics such as business & economy, city services, census & demographics, culture & tourism, environment, health & safety, infrastructure, parking & transportation and parks & recreation. Search or browse for data. 
  • open accessPlans & Strategies (City of Hamilton)
    Includes City Projects, Environmental Assessments, Master Plans and Strategies that set the direction for Hamilton's future.
  • McMaster Users OnlyPRIZM Segmentation Area Profile Hamilton - 2019, 2020 and 2021extracted from ArcGIS Business Analyst 
    Esri Data Note: "This report identifies neighborhood segments in the area, and describes the socioeconomic quality of the immediate neighborhood. The index is a comparison of the percent of households or Total Population in the area, by PRIZM segment, to the percent of households or Total Population in Canada, by segment. An index of 100 is the Canadian average".
    NOTE: Some PRIZM data is also available to the general public at this website: PRIZM Lifestyle Lookup by Canadian Postal Code.
  • open accessSocial Planning & Research Council of Hamilton  
    This non-profit organization helps community groups and organizations in the Hamilton area. Their publications typically cover poverty, homelessness and issues related to families and children.  Recent  community profiles of Ancaster, Dundas, Hamilton, Stoney Creek and the surrounding communities are also available.
  • open accessVital Signs: A Citizen's Report on the Quality of Life in Hamilton, 2015, 2018 and 2021 (Hamilton Community Foundation and the Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton)
  • Vernon's Business Sources. Hamilton & Niagara area edition for selected communities
    A directory organized alphabetically by company name or by SIC code. Standard contact information provided.
    Location: MILLS Bookstacks HF 5072.H3V4 [1992-2007].
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