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Library Research Skills Tutorial


An important aspect of doing research is knowing how to find and read appropriate resources that will support your argument. These lessons will help you choose a database for your research, teach you how to find journal articles and determine whether the resources is relevant and appropriate to your research.

Finding Sources

Library databases are your best bet for finding scholarly peer reviewed journal articles but deciding which database to use may be overwhelming. This short video will walk you through the process of deciding which database is best for your research topic:

Deciding which database to use is the first step to finding peer reviewed academic journal articles but you need to know how to search for these articles in the databases themselves. This brief video discusses the best strategy for finding journal articles in a library database:

When deciding if a resource is appropriate for your research there are other factors to consider beyond being scholarly and peer reviewed .This includes the currency, relevancy, authority, accuracy and purpose of the source. Watch this short video to learn more about the CRAAP test and how it can benefit you:

It is difficult to tell whether an article will be useful to your research by just looking at the title. There are techniques that can quickly help you decide if an article supports your research topic. This video will give you some techniques for reading scholarly articles efficiently:

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