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Library Research Skills Tutorial


Becoming familiar with using the library is the first step on your research journey. These lessons will help you learn how to navigate the library website, take you on a tour of our libraries and help you find a book on the shelf.

Welcome to the Library

McMaster University Library is made up of four separate libraries. Watch these brief videos to become familiar with our different libraries:

Mills Memorial Library is our Social Science and Humanities library. It is also the largest library on campus and houses many of our services.

The quickest way to find a book on your topic is to conduct a keyword or subject search in our Catalogue. Watch this short video to learn more about finding books by topic:

In order to find a book on the shelf you need to understand how to read its call number. Let this quick video explain it to you:

The books in the library are organized by topic so when grabbing your book off the shelf remember to take a quick look at the surrounding books, you might just find the perfect book!

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