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Library Research Skills Tutorial


One of the hardest parts of doing research is knowing where to start. These lessons will help you understand what is a scholarly resource, the difference between searching and researching, deciding on an essay topic and choosing keywords to use in your search.

Starting Your Research

Before getting started on your research you need to understand the different types of resources at your disposal. Watch this short video to learn about the difference between scholarly and popular sources:

Before you get started on your research it is important to understand how university research differs from searching for the answer to a question online. This short video will help you understand the difference between searching and researching:

The research process starts with a topic that interests you and ends with a researchable question. Watch this video to learn how to choose your research topic:

The keywords you use in your search directly influence your results so it is important to come up with terms that are most relevant to your topic. To learn more about search strategies watch this video:

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