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COMMERCE 4SA3 - International Business

Country, company, industry and trade resources for international business research.

Population & Demographics

  • McMaster Users OnlyArcGIS Business Analyst
    Uses web-based GIS mapping technology to visualize demographic, lifestyle, behavioural, psychographic spending and other data for over 130 countries. Availability of data will vary by country.  
  • open accessDemographic Yearbook (United Nations), 1948 to the present
    Contains demographic data (population by age, by sex, etc.) for more than 160 countries.
    Location of Print: MILLS Government Publications (2nd floor) UN2 S30-D29 (1948 to the present)
  • open accessGlobal Consumption Database (World Bank)
    Includes data on household consumption patterns in developing countries. Numbers are available for national, urban and rural regions and for different consumption segments (lowest, low, middle, and higher). Retrieve data by country, sector or product/service
  • open accessThe Human Mortality Database
    Site provides detailed mortality and population data such as births, deaths, population size and life expectancy for 37 countries.
  • Best Bet!McMaster Users OnlyPassport 
    Select CONSUMERS (across top of screen) and explore the menu options. Includes individual country reports on The Future Demographic, Households, Income & Expenditure and more.
  • open accessPopulation and Vital Statistics Report (United Nations), 2006 to the present
    Presents most recent data on population size (total, male and female) from the latest available census of the population, national official population estimates and the number and rate (births, deaths and infant deaths) for the latest available year within the past 15 years. 
  • open accessPRB International Data (Population Reference Bureau)
    Contains data on 133 population, health, and environment variables for more than 220 countries, 28 world regions and sub-regions, and the world as a whole. The country drop-down menu provide demographic profiles and links to policy briefs, data sheets and more.
  • Best Bet!open accessWorld Development Indicators (World Bank)
    Provides a comprehensive selection of economic, social and development indicators, drawing on data from the World Bank and more than 30 partner agencies. The database covers more than 900 indicators for 210 economies with data back to 1960. Search by country, series/topic and year. Also review the DataBank site for additional content.
    Location of Print: MILLS Government Publications (2nd floor) UN9 MG-W53 [1998 to 2009] (Subscription Cancelled)
  • open accessWorld Population Prospects (United Nations) 
    Contains population estimates and projections for countries around the world. Coverage is between 1950 to 2100.
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