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COMMERCE 4SA3 - International Business

Country, company, industry and trade resources for international business research.

Company & Industry

  • Best Bet!McMaster Users OnlyBusiness Source Premier      
    Contains company profiles (some with a SWOT analysis), industry profiles (overview, market value) and market research reports for countries around the world.
  • open accessCorporateInformation (Wright Investors' Service)
    Provides information on 30 industries and 60 countries. Get a list of companies covered in a particular industry and a list of relevant links and a brief synopsis of the industry.
  •  Encyclopedia of Global Industries
    Profiles over 100 business sectors of global significance. Entries typically include sections on organization and structure, background and development, current conditions, research and technology, industry leaders and further reading. Organized alphabetically by industry (NAICS code).
    Location: STORAGE HD 2324.E53 2003 & 2007 
  • McMaster Users OnlyEncyclopedia of Products & Industries - Manufacturing (2008) via Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)
    Contains information on products and the relationships between products and their industries. Explores various aspects of a product - the manufacturers, suppliers, immediate and adjacent industries and markets. Covers manufacturers of numerous durable goods such as tires, appliances, home furnishing and sporting goods. U.S. emphasis.
  • open accessEuroPages: The European B2B Search Engine
    A multilingual business directory containing millions of companies from 35 countries in Europe & links to international yellow pages. Search by product or service, by company name, or by activity or sector.
  • Best Bet!McMaster Users OnlyFactiva
    Contains full-text newspapers from around the world and reports on companies and industries (select the Companies/Markets link in toolbar)
  • McMaster Users OnlyFitch Solutions / BMI (Business Monitor International) Reports 
    Macroeconomic, financial, and company analysis on emerging and key global markets. Industries covered include: agribusiness, automotives, food & drink, infrastructure, mining, pharma & healthcare, power & renewables, telecommunications.
  • open accessGEM: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor
    Includes data sets and annual global and country specific reports related to entrepreneurship. 
  • open accessGlobal B2B Online Directory - some content is fee-based (Kompass)
    Search across 30 million companies in more than 60 countries.
  • open accessGlobal Consumption Database (World Bank)
    Includes data on household consumption patterns in developing countries. Numbers are available for national, urban and rural regions and for different consumption segments (lowest, low, middle, and higher). Retrieve data by country, sector or product/service. 
  • open access globalEDGE: Global Insights by Industry
    Includes international business-related resources, statistics, risk assessments, and events for 20 distinct industry sectors. 

  • open accessGlobal Market Finder (Google)
    A Google service that helps identify which markets/countries present the best opportunities for products and services. Based on search volume and the cost of advertising. 
  • Best Bet!McMaster Users OnlyIBISWorld
    Contains over 1,600 U.S., 430 Canadian and 75 global industry reports, many at the five digit NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) level. 
  • open accessInternational Agri-Food Market Intelligence (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)
    Browse categories or search for reports that cover global agriculture and food opportunities, market trends and forecasts, Canada’s free trade agreements. 
  • International Directory of Company Histories, 99 volumes
    Traces the historical development of over 4,500 of the largest and most influential public, private and non-profit companies around the world. Each volume has cumulative indexes: by company name (alphabetical), by industry, and by geography (country of company headquarters).
    Location: STORAGE HD 2721.I57
  • open accessIQS Directory: Industrial Quick Search Manufacturer Directory 
    Search or browse for industrial products and services from manufacturers, suppliers and distributors across Canada and the United States. Company profiles, industry information (e.g., definitions, background, etc.) and articles & press releases are included.
  • Manufacturing Worldwide: Industry Analyses, Statistics, Products, and Leading Companies and Countries
    Provides manufacturing industry statistics for 190 countries around the world.
    Location: MILLS Bookstacks HD 9720.4 M36 1995 & 1998
  • McMaster Users OnlyMarket Share Reporter
    A compilation of global market share data from periodical literature, competitive analysis and market research. Search by products and services; by company; by brands, by U.S. SIC and more.
    Location: STORAGE HF 5410.M35 [1991-2018] - previously titled World Market Share Reporter STORAGE HD 2757.15 .W67 1997 to 2002 (Subscription Cancelled).
  • McMaster Users Academic
    Contains hundreds of market research reports, some covering markets outside of North America.
  • Best Bet!McMaster Users Only Mergent Online
    Contains company and financial data for publicly traded companies (active and inactive) around the world. Search by company name, American  SIC or NAICS. The Investext tab in Mergent also contains full-text research reports on global companies and industries written by analysts at leading investment banks, brokers and independent research.
    To find companies operating in another country, go to the Advanced Search tab > ensure the Corporate Information tab is selected at the top of the search criteria box [default], select Country of Incorporation and pick a country from the drop-down menu (e.g., Canada) > then select Country of Operations, and pick another country of interest (e.g., United States) in the drop-down menu. The countries will appear below the search criteria box. Find and click the >> submit button next to the Country of Operations. If there are Matches  click the View link. 
  • Best Bet!McMaster Users Only Nexis Uni
    Includes business information (e.g., financials, executives, news, industry info, legal info, etc.) about public and private companies worldwide in two separate modules - Company Dossier and Company Information.
    • To access Company Dossier from the Nexis Uni home page ...
      1. Click the Menu drop-down list (top left) and choose Company Dossier from the list.
      2. In the Dossier search form, search by company name, ticker symbol, company type, regions/countries and more. 
      3. Click Search and view results.
    • To access Company Information from the Nexis Uni home page ...
      1. Locate the Guided Search task pods.
      2. Choose Company Info in the What are you interested in? box.
      3. Enter a company name in the Search in all Company Information for: box.
      4. Choose one of the options in the drop-down list in the ...and show me box  (i.e., All company information; Company Profile; Analyst Reports; Mergers and Acquisitions; SEC Filings).
      5. Click Search and view results.
  • open accessOpenCorporates
    The largest open database of companies in the world. Browse or search for 130 million companies by name. Filter by jurisdiction (i.e., geography), by company type, by current status and other variables. 
  • Best Bet!McMaster Users OnlyPassport
    Provides key business intelligence on countries, companies, markets and consumers around the world. Try performing a keyword search for your country, industry or topic.
  • Best Bet!McMaster Users OnlyProQuest One Business
    Explore Companies and Industries pages to find scholarly articles, news, reports, video and other materials (profiles, reports, etc) on  companies and industries worldwide.
  • open accessSector Risk Analysis - Business Risk Dashboard (Coface)
    Provides risk assessments for 13 business sectors from six geographical regions. Assessments are based on Coface experts and financial data published by over 6,000 listed companies.
  • Best Bet!McMaster Users OnlyStatista
    Contains statistics, market forecasts, dossiers, industry reports, infographics (daily data), market insights for countries all over the world.
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