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Definition: a legal agreement between an inventor and the government; excludes others from making, using, or selling that invention for a limited time in a particular country country

Why search for patents?

  • to learn how something works (diagrams, description)
  • avoid duplication of research efforts
  • identify research trends and/or licensing opportunities


Check out a more complete list in the How to Find Patents guide

Canadian Patents

International/Multi-country Patents


Definition: a published document with technical specifications to be used as a rule, guideline, or definition; created for the purpose of ensuring things work safely, behave reliably, and are produced uniformly.

Why search for standards?

  • laws sometimes refer to standards, making compliance mandatory

  • can be a constraint, method, or metric in your design

Looking for another standard? See what we 
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Mike White, a librarian at Queen's University, is an expert on searching patent information. He has produced some excellent tutorials and has generously allowed us to link to them below.


Patent Searching Tutorials by Mike White:

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