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How to Succeed at University

The Student Success Centre has a whole page devoted to programs and resources geared towards helping first year students prepare for learning at the university level. Check out some of their offerings below:

Graduates from the DeGroote School of Business taking photos around campus with Diplomas and Degrees, June 2019

LinkedIn Learning is a platform that hosts thousands of videos and courses that help facilitate acquisition of new skills in categories ranging from coding languages, video editing, and software tutorials, to time management, presentations, and mindfulness. 

Here are some videos and playlists that can help you hone the skills you need to succeed in university: 

Link here to our McMaster Library's LinkedIn Library Guide

An important part of academic success in taking care of your own personal wellness and wellbeing. McMaster's Student Wellness Centre exists to help support students mental and physical health so that they can excel academically. Currently, the Wellness Centre is offering all resources virtually, but in the future, you can visit the Wellness Centre at the Peter George Centre for Living and Learning. Here are some of the resources that the Wellness Centre offers: 

Archway, is a new support team at McMaster that works with all incoming first-year students from the day they are accepted and right up until second-year to ensure guided, personalized, First-Year Success!

  • Help You Feel Prepared and Connected for Fall: McMaster is all about community, and no matter where you are this fall, your Archway Community will be for you. All first-year students will have their Archway Community, a group of 35 students, to connect with online. Each Community will have an Archway Mentor to run activities and keep students engaged, and an Archway Coach to provide personalized support.
  • Help You Navigate Applications and Deadlines: Archway Coaches and Mentors will make contact with you to help with questions, planning, and decisions. We know that university can be difficult to navigate, and the guidance provided through Archway will help you find your way efficiently and effectively.
  • Talk to You About Your Goals: Based on your goals, interests, and needs, we will connect you to the right people on campus. Archway staff are experts in understanding all the services available to you and can’t wait to help you make the most of your McMaster experience.

University Technology Services is your one stop shop for all things IT help related!

Check here for additional assistance with your:

It's simple: use the library's website to find the electronic resource you want (database, journal, e-book, etc.), and you will be prompted to log in and authenticate with your MAC ID when you click the link. No VPN required in this case.

If you are looking for other options, including installing a bookmarklet, configuring Google Scholar results, and linking to e-resources with a newly assigned URL, link here to our additional instructions.

Link here to our Open Access Library Guide to Open Resources to learn about "the free, immediate availability of research [...] that anyone can access and use these results to turn ideas into industries and breakthroughs into better lives" (2018 SPARC definition) through Open Access, Open Education, Open Data, and more.

This complementary Open Educational Resources (OER) Library Guide includes quality open textbooks organized by academic programs at McMaster University. The guide parallels five of the six Faculties at McMaster, namely, the DeGroote School of Business and the Faculties of Engineering, Humanities, Science, and Social Sciences. Due to time constraints, open textbooks for the Faculty of Health Sciences were not included in this first edition of the guide.

Student Accessibility Services

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) helps students with disabilities at McMaster access academic accommodations and other supports. Find out more about the programs and resources available to help students with disabilities transition to learning at McMaster:

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