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Student Clubs and Committees

The MSU recognizes over 350 clubs in five distinct categories: Academic, Cultural, Recreational, Religious and Social Issues. While enhancing student life is our primary goal, every one of our clubs provides an insightful and meaningful contribution to the McMaster and Hamilton community. These groups are lead by students who work diligently to raise awareness for a variety of different causes.

Clubs are a cornerstone of student life on campus, allowing students with similar interests, backgrounds and ambitions to come together in a shared experience. I strongly urge you to get involved, as McMaster University has one of the largest club listings in Ontario. Whether it is academic excellence, cultural diversity, recreational activities, religious spirituality, or political and social issues; there will be a club that embodies your passion! Clubs are an excellent way of enriching your student life and, more importantly, immensely contributing to your personal growth and success. 

The McMaster Students Union (MSU) is an organization which is governed by its Constitution and operates within the guidelines set out in the Bylaws and Operating Policies of the Corporation.


McMaster Students Union First Year Counci(FYC) is the unique representative body for McMaster first year students that serves to inform and speak for their distinctive needs and concerns. It is one of McMaster’s only institutions completely operated by first year students. They are elected each fall by their peers. They represent both current and future first year McMaster students by acting as a voice, and as a guiding and informative body of resources.

Services for Students offered by the MSU

Get Involved!

Nature is a vital part of what makes Hamilton a unique place to live, visit, and explore. The trails and conservation areas within the Hamilton region are accessible year round and offer a variety of active possibilities for any experienced or novice outdoor enthusiast. Learn how to stay safe while enjoying the outdoors in the Hamilton community


There are loads of ways to get involved in Sustainability related initiatives at McMaster. From the Repair Cafe at Thode's Makerspace, to SoBi social bicycles and academic programs, there is something for everyone. 

Some Sustainability related Clubs you can join include: 

    Screenshot of MSU Zero Waste McMaster logo. It features a pink circle background, white block lettering around the circumference, and a blue and green heart in the centre representative of the planet Earth.


Screenshot of MAC Veggie Club logo featuring a light green rectangular background. A darker green circle with lighter green peace sign (made by the index and middle fingers held up vertically and the thumb wrapped around the fourth and fifth fingers) appears on the left side. To its rights there is a green and black mixed font lettering that reads MAC Veggie CLUB.


    Screenshot of the Green Roots Foundation emblem. It features a green bird with spread wings and a white recycling logo on its underside. Above the bird is a centred open book with two maple leafs on either side. The three emblem colours are green, pale yellow, and gray.


For more information, visit the Library Guide to Sustainability. Or click through our McMaster Library's Earth Day - Online Display.



In the David Braley Athletic Centre (DBAC) you will find athletic activities, programs & services, and facilities. This also includes The David Braley Sport Medicine & Rehabilitation Centre, and The Pulse Fitness Centre.

The Pulse is one of the largest university fitness centres in Canada with over 20,000 square feet of active space. It features an extensive range of strength, cardio and accessible equipment, fitness and cycling studios, a circuit room, workshops and certification courses, and a climbing wall. A number of related services, such as Personal Trainers and SNAP (special needs assistance program), are available to you, too!

 While the Pulse's physical location is closed due to COVID-19, check out their online offerings here. and it is located .

Photo of various fitness equipment available at the Pulse Fitness Centre in DBAC.


McMaster's department of Athletics and Recreation offers activities that will help you learn something new and practice an old skill, encourage you to meet new people, and keep you healthy and active! 

Screenshot of McMaster's Athletics and Recreation logo. A stylized eagle, named Maud, appears in white and black superimposed on the capital letter m in maroon. To the right of this appears McMaster Athletics & Recreation.

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