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A Guide to LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online database of over 16,000 video-based courses taught by industry experts that can help anyone learn the business, software, technology, and creative skills they need to achieve personal and professional goals.

Through McMaster's subscription, students, faculty, and staff members have access to this continually growing collection of engaging, top-quality courses and all the other features of a LinkedIn Learning account.

VideoIntroduction to LinkedIn Learning - Student Edition (13:04) (McMaster University Library)


  • Learn from industry experts. LinkedIn Learning courses are taught by passionate instructors with real-world experience.
  • Learn at your own pace. Choose from thousands of courses from LinkedIn Learning, and watch at a time to suit you. Confirm your understanding using LinkedIn Learning assessments, practice environments and coding practice windows.
  • Experience learning tailored to you.  LinkedIn Learning provides personalized course recommendations based on your role, skills, experience and goals.
  • Learn anytime, from anywhere. Download courses to your mobile device to view content while you're offline. Start a course on a desktop device and finish it on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Make learning social. Do you have colleagues with similar learning interests? Choose a LinkedIn Learning course, watch it and discuss.
  • Learn something new. On average, LinkedIn Learning publishes 25 new courses each week. Wondering what's new and interesting? Filter for the most recent using the main search bar.

For Faculty

LinkedIn Learning allows staff to undertake professional development at their own pace and skill level, or supplement their teaching practices through collections and exercises that can be assigned to students.

The possibilities include:

  • Help your students improve essential software skills, like Excel
  • Provide a playlist to students on presentation skills ahead of a class presentation
  • Use the videos to help you redesign a unit with a Flipped Classroom approach
  • Develop your own leadership or project management skills

If you have not used LinkedIn Learning before, you can easily create an account following these steps:

1. Navigate to

2. Click on the LinkedIn Learning button under the How to Get It heading.

3. You will be redirected to the McMaster University Single Sign On page. Enter your MacID and password and click "Login"

4. Follow the prompts to set up and access your LinkedIn Learning account.

Quick Tips to Get Started

  • Use different methods to find interesting courses.You can browse the course library; search for courses on specific subjects, skills, or software; or check out courses that have been recommended for you. Watch a demonstration of how to find courses.
  • You can personalize how you view courses.The player has features such as adjustable playback speed, transcripts, full-screen viewing, volume control, and closed captions. Watch a demonstration of the player controls.
  • Save courses for later.If you discover an interesting course but don’t have time to work on it right away, you can save it and come back to it later. Watch a demonstration of saving courses.
  • Look at what is covered before you start a course.The Welcome video at the beginning of each course can help you determine if a course matches your needs. You can also see what the course covers by browsing chapters in the Contents list. Watch a demonstration of the Contents menu.
  • Take a course on your mobile device.With the LinkedIn Learning mobile app, you can download courses and watch them on the go from your tablet or smartphone.
  • Find your content in the course navigation bar at the top of the screen.This is where you’ll find your saved and in-progress courses. By clicking on your profile picture, you can also find your learning history, and collections. Watch a demonstration of the course navigation bar.
  • Build on your skills with Learning Paths.Learning Paths are a sequence of courses that cover a topic in-depth. They can help you determine what courses would help you in a certain career, e.g. digital marketing.  Watch a demonstration of Learning Paths.
  • Use exercise files for hands-on learning.Many courses include exercise files that you can use to follow along with the course and apply what is being demonstrated. Watch a demonstration of exercise files.
  • Check your progress with quizzes.Many LinkedIn Learning courses include quizzes that test how well you learned the material and reinforce what you learned. Watch a demonstration of quizzes.
  • Share your success on LinkedIn.If you connected your Learning account to your personal LinkedIn account, you can add a certificate of completion to your LinkedIn profile, along with the skills associated with that course. Watch a demonstration of certificates.

LinkedIn Learning allows you to connect your LinkedIn profile with your Learning account. This is an optional step. You are not required to connect your LinkedIn account in order to use LinkedIn Learning. 

If your LinkedIn profile is connected to your Learning account, each time you log in to LinkedIn Learning the platform will check to ensure you have a valid LinkedIn session open. Sign in to LinkedIn Learning with your MacID, as usual. If you are using a device where you are already logged in to LinkedIn, you will be taken straight to your Learning account. If you are not logged in to LinkedIn, you will be prompted to enter your personal LinkedIn login details also.

To connect your LinkedIn profile to your LinkedIn Learning account, follow the instructions in this guide.

Please make sure you review LinkedIn's Terms and Privacy Policy before you link your LinkedIn profile with your LinkedIn Learning account.

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