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A Guide to LinkedIn Learning

Navigation Features

The My Learning page allows you to see in courses that are in progress, saved, or added to a Collection.

From within the 'My Learning' page, the Learning History tab allows you to see all the courses you have completed in LinkedIn Learning and keep track of your progress.

Collections can be used to group courses or videos for your own convenience, or for sharing with other users. Watch the video below by clicking the image for more information on using Collections.

Learning Paths are several courses organized to take a learner from the foundation level of a topic, through to more advanced skills. When you search for any particular skill, on the left hand side of the page in the filters you will see a box labeled "Learning Paths." 

When you select a particular Learning Path, you will be brought to that Learning Path's page, where you can see the number of items in that path, as well as the time it would take to complete the path. Upon completion of a Learning Path, you'll have earned a certificate of completion. 

In Video Features

LinkedIn Learning allows you to change the playback speed of the videos, so you can get through information you are familiar with faster, skim over a video, or slow down for more focused listening and note taking. You can also change the Video QualityView Mode and Auto Play settings. Click the image below for more information.

Video player controls course screenshot

Exercise files are project files or informational documents the instructors use to teach some of the courses on LinkedIn Learning. For more information click the image below.

Exercise files course screenshot

Transcript screenshot

Each video on LinkedIn Learning is accompanied by a transcript, which is located on the tabbed window beside the video player.  The transcript will auto-scrolls and highlights the text in time with the audio track as the video plays. 

The transcript also contains clickable links which jump the video to that particular place; so you can easily navigate within the content.

Notebook screenshot

The Notebook tab allows you to record your own thoughts alongside the video. Notes are saved at the time of the video so you can easily find your place again, and view the note in context.

Downloading and Viewing Learning Videos Offline

All learners can download courses and individual videos on most mobile devices using the LinkedIn Learning app.


  1. Offline viewing is only available through the mobile app. At this time, videos cannot be downloaded on desktop or laptop devices.
  2. To access downloaded content, members must be logged in to their Learning account. The app login is valid for 30 days, after which time the app will prompt members to re-authenticate their account credentials by signing in again.
  3. An active subscription is required for offline viewing.
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