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How do I Find Standards?

SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers

Thode Library's holdings for the SAE Handbook include print volumes from 1980,1983-1987,1996, 2000, 2003, and 2005, plus indexes in the format of computer disks & user manuals. The 2005 edition was the last made available in print format. 

The SAE Handbook contains surface vehicle standards, recommended practices, and information reports.  Each has a designation consisting of the letter J combined with a number.  A typical number is <SAE J357 Oct99>.  The index in front of volume 1 lists the standards in numerical order and details which of the three volumes contains the standard, the section and the page.  For example, J357 has the following information: <1:12.39>.  This means it will be found in volume 1, in section 12, on page 39.  Volume 1 also has a subject index. The SAE website can be consulted for further information (note that the Library does not currently have an electronic subscription, so full-text standards will not be accessible).

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