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How do I Find Standards?

CSA - Canadian Standards Association

To access these standards, search for CSA Standards in Omni. 

To find a standard by number, click on My Library and enter the number such as <A23>.  Be aware that this can be a tricky database if you enter too much information.  For example, entering <A23.4-05>, the exact number of the standard, will yield no results available.  By searching by <A23> you will get a limited results list, including the one you searched.

If the number is not known, the standards can be searched by subject area.  Clicking on the subject will open the file, revealing more precise subjects.  Click through until you find the one you want and click on view.

The standards can be downloaded.

Note: These are available only online; we no longer have any print. A view only catalogue is available online, and an older edition print catalogue is available in Thode Library Quick Reference (Lower Level) <ZT 59 .A1 C36 2006>.

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