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How do I Find Standards?

ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials

The ASTM standards can be found through the Library catalogue in the ASTM standards and digital engineering library. Once connected to the site, you can simply search by the designation of the standard such as <A102>.  You can also search the site by subject. These standards can be printed or downloaded to your desktop or USB key.

We don't have access to the older historical or withdrawn standards online.  2003 - 2008 are available in print at the library.

The standards have designations such as <A102-07> and <F2367-04a>.  <07> or <04 > indicate the year of publication and the <a> indicates a minor editorial change that does not substantially change the content.  Not all standards are updated or replaced each year and some are withdrawn.

If you are looking for a print version of the standard and have the number of a standard, look in the first volume ASect.00".  There is a numerical index that will tell you which volume to look in for the standard, i.e. ASect. 4, v.8".   There is also a subject index in volume 00.   Most people will know the number of the standard they require so it's very easy to look up in the index.  There are also instructions on how to use the index in the volume

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