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Social Sciences Guide to Research

Recognizing Academic Books

Scholarly books are a great resource - watch this video to learn how to recognize one. (2:29)

Transcript (PDF) | Transcript (.docx)

Call Numbers

Our books are arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification system. When looking for books in Social Sciences it is a good idea to start with Class H- Social Sciences

Depending on your specific topic, there are several subclasses of Social Sciences that may be of interest:

  • HA: Statistics
  • HB-HC: Economic Theory, History & Conditions
  • HD: Industries & Labour
  • HE: Transportation & Communication
  • HF-HJ: Commerce & Finance
  • HM: Sociology (General)
  • HN: Social History, Conditions & Problems
  • HQ: Family, Marriage & Women
  • HS-HT: Societies & Communities
  • HV: Social Pathology, Welfare & Criminology
  • HX: Socialism, Communism & Anarchism

this infographic walks you through the steps of reading a call number

A call number is like an address for a book and this video describes how you read it so that you can find out where the book lives on the shelf. (2:46)

Transcript (PDF) | Transcript (.docx)

Searching the Library Catalogue

The Library Catalogue contains materials such as books and e-books that are part of our collection. It can be searched one of two ways: by using our Catalogue Search or our Advanced Search features.

Catalogue Search

screenshot of the library homepage with the catalogue toggle selected

Before beginning your search make sure to select Catalogue in the toggle bar. Keep your search broad by typing in keywords, subjects author or title.

Advanced Search

screenshot of advanced search box highlighting keywords and subject searches

You are better able to tailor your search when using our Advanced Search feature. Combine keyword, subject, author and title searches to return relevant results.

This video shows you how to search by book title using the library catalogue. (0:49)

Transcript (PDF) | Transcript (.docx)

This video explains how to enter keywords into the catalogue to find books on a particular topic. (1:11)

Transcript (PDF) | Transcript (.docx)

Locating Books in the Stacks

This video describes how to use a call number to locate a book on a shelf in the library. (1:05)

Transcript (PDF) | Transcript (.docx)

this infographic shows how to find related books using their call number

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