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COMMERCE 4CA3 - Managing and Promoting Health & Health Care Services

Marketing strategies for health and healh care services

Company Sources

  • Best Bet!McMaster Users OnlyMergent Online 
    • includes active and inactive, publicly traded companies in all industries worldwide
    • find companies by name, ticker, industry code (SIC, NAICS), index, exchange, country
    • each company profile typically includes an overview, company financials, annual reports, news, and other reports
  • McMaster Users OnlyFactiva 
    • includes mostly active, publicly traded companies worldwide
    • select Companies/Markets link and click on Company from the menu to search by name
    • each company profile/snapshot typically includes news, financials, competitors and more.
  • McMaster Users OnlyNexis Uni 
    • sections within the database provide company profiles for public and private companies worldwide 
    • select Company Info from the Guided Search task pods and/or select  Company Dossier from the Menu drop-down list (top of screen) 
    • find companies by name, ticker, company type (private, public), industry code (SIC or NAICS), geography (country, city) and more
  • McMaster Users OnlyHoover's Company Records 
    • includes active public (and some private) company profiles
    • international in scope, but with an emphasis on U.S. companies
  • McMaster Users OnlyCanadian Business Database 
    • contains brief profiles of public and private businesses in Canada.
    • find companies by name, industry codes (SIC or NAICS), geography (city, street or postal code), employee size, sales volume, and more. 
  • open access Corporations Canada
    • lists non-profit organizations and other corporations in Canada
    • find entries by corporate name, corporate number, business number, province or registered office, and more.
  • open accessNonProfit Explorer
    • lists non-profit organizations in the United States
    • find entries by name, state, nonprofit category (e.g., health) and organization type.
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