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How Do I Find Business Cases?

Finding case studies and cases for business.

Case Studies in Books

Case Studies in Books

To find a particular case study in a book ...

To find a case study on a particular topic in a book ...

  • go to the Catalogue and search for keyword(s) along with the phrase "case studies".
    For example, marketing "case studies"
  • go to the Advanced Search in the Catalogue, select the Subject option from the drop-down menu and enter the subject headings that best describe your topic along with the phrase "case studies". Examples include ...‚Äč
Business failures -- Case studies Industrial relations -- Case studies
Business networks -- Case studies International business enterprises -- Case studies
Corporations -- Case studies Leadership -- Case studies
Corrupt practices -- Case studies Organizational change -- Case studies
Electronic commerce -- Case studies Project management -- Case studies
Entrepreneurship -- Case studies Small business -- Case studies
High technology industries -- Case studies Social responsibility of business -- Case studies