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A Guide to Sustainability

Welcome to the Library Guide to Sustainability!

Welcome to the McMaster University Library Guide to Sustainability! This guide contains information to help you live more sustainably, and less carbon-intensively. It highlights organizations and stores local to McMaster University, in Hamilton, ON, as well as resources like infographs, videos, and articles pulled from the wider web. For academic resources about sustainability and climate change, see the library's Earth Day Digital Display

-- McMaster Libraries Sustainability Committee

Did You Know?: Recycling in the Library

Recycling paper products and containers in blue bins is important, but you can also recycle batteries, electronics, and writing tools at the library! See the list below to see where you can recycling and compost at McMaster's libraries: 

  • Battery recycling (service desk at Mills, Innis, and Thode)
  • Electronic recycling (white bin in the lobby of Mills)
  • Writing tools recycling (for example, pens, pencils, highlighters, etc. can be recycled in the clear bins on the 2nd and 3rd floor of Mills)
  • Composting (green bins on the first floor and second floor Learning Commons area of Mills)

If you have a waste item that is not recyclable, you might think about bringing it to a location that has a TerraCycle box (like Green Venture's Eco House). Terracycle is an eco-friendly company that accepts non-recyclable waste items to reuse or repurpose with their partner organizations. 

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