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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Benefits to Students

  • Ideal for students who use accessible materials or who have unique learning styles
  • Low or no cost materials help students stay on budget
  • Access course materials anytime and from anywhere with an internet connection

OER In The News


infographic: Textbooks of Food? Have you had to make this choice? High $$$ of textbooks is hurting students. Textbook costs have increased 88% in the past decade. Textbook costs cause financial hardship for students. 57% of students report not buying a required textbook at least once. Source: University of Guelph Student Textbook Survey, 2016. Open Textbooks provide a solution! What: Textbooks that never expire, are free online or in print at low cost. Why? Customizable to meet your needs - available before class even starts! Where: Sites like eCampusOntario's Open Textbook Library. What can YOU do? Contact your student government or librarians for more information. Spread the word to fellow students about Open Textbooks. Talk with your instructors about adopting or creating an Open Textbook.

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