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A Guide to Music

Searching for Music

Locating Music

To find... ...look in:
  • books about music
  • scores, sheet music
  • CDs, cassettes, vinyl records
To find... ...look in:
  • pre-1986 vinyl records (ca. 15,000 items)
  • the Card Catalogue, Music Area, MILLS, 4th floor

Catalogue Search Tips

  • search by composer's or performer's name, instrument, opus, work number or musical form
  • search by keywords from the composition or record title
  • limit format to Audio Cassette, Audio CD, Music Score, Vinyl LP, e-audio or e-score

Be careful...

  • Watch for proper spelling
  • Musical forms may appear in singular or plural form i.e. symphony or symphonies, use truncation (symphon*) to search for both endings at once
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