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Graduate Guide to Research

Welcome to the Graduate Guide to Research at McMaster University! This guide has been designed as an introduction to the multifaceted journey of academic research. Our goal is to provide an overview of the research process, and insights into the tools, techniques, and resources available at our institution.

Whether you're just embarking on your graduate studies or you're a seasoned scholar, we hope this guide will serve as a useful companion, aiding in your quest for knowledge discovery and scholarly achievement. Coverage includes crucial areas of the research process, including conducting your research, using on-site and digital resources, navigating research data management and open access, adhering to ethical guidelines, publishing and disseminating your work, and support from the Library,

Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Fellow Study Room

The Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Study Room on the 4th floor of Mills Library is a dedicated space for writing and research – complete with large tables and office chairs, a standing work area, comfortable seating, and, of course, internet access. To get to this room (L405), turn left off the elevator on the fourth floor. Walk down the ramp. The Grad Study room is to the right.

Who can use the Study Room? What can it be used for?

Any current graduate student or postdoctoral fellow can use the space for reading and other quiet research activities. If you need a quiet space to write, this is for you!

How do I gain access to the Study Room?

To access the Graduate and Postdoc Study Room space, please fill out an application form. Upon approval you will be issued a security card that will grant access to the room.

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