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Community Engagement and Research

Community based research resources.


Welcome to the Community Engagement and Research Guide at McMaster! This interdisciplinary guide is intended for use by students, staff, and faculty looking to understand the Hamilton context as they engage with off-campus communities through teaching, research, and service. The goal of this guide is to offer students, staff, and faculty from all disciplines a strong, relevant evidence base on issues faced by communities mainly in Hamilton, but also in broader geographical contexts (provincial, national, and international). It includes a range of data sets, reports, and other resources from Hamilton and beyond.

Tabs along the left side group resources by heading, and each contains several links to relevant resources. This resource is not exhaustive and will be reviewed and updated annually. If you have comments about your experience using the guide, or suggestions for how to improve it, please share your feedback with us through our feedback form.


This guide started as a conversation between staff members at McMaster University Libraries, and the MacPherson Institute at a retreat of the Network for Community-Campus Partnerships hosted by McMaster’s Office of Community Engagement in June of 2019. The three partner offices are grateful to McMaster University Library co-op student Bryn Huzzey for creating the initial guide and implementing changes to content and organization. We hope this resource will continue to evolve to meet the needs of McMaster community members.


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