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Community Engagement and Research

Community based research resources.

Our Future Hamilton

The City of Hamilton's 25-year community vision. It features six community priorities in the areas of community engagement, economic prosperity, public health and safety, environmental responsibility, built infrastructure, and culture and social diversity.

Community Organisations

The Red Book of Community Information by the Hamilton Public Library provides trusted, up-to-date information about social services and community resources for residents of Hamilton.

Donor supported organization specializing in grants and loans and leadership to initiatives that benefit communities in Hamilton. The HCF produces publications and studies that focus on various quality of life indicators in Greater Hamilton.

This online platform is meant to compliment the different engagement tools and strategies the City of Hamilton uses to promote greater public engagement and make it easy for residents to participate in civic activities. 


Collaboration with the Hamilton Public Health Services to provide up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 in Hamilton. Includes status of cases in Hamilton, city operations and service information, and protection procedures. 

 A report produced by the City of Hamilton detailing the phases of reopening the city.

 This collaborative idea paper is meant as a starting point for more Hamilton-specific exploration of planning, design, and development strategies. It focuses on four interrelated aspects of urban life that have been disrupted by the pandemic: parks and open spaces, mobility, local business, and housing and density.

 This report highlights the threats Ontario nonprofits and charities are facing as a result of COVID-19.

The Government of Ontario's approach to reopening the province, restarting the economy and easing restrictions put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Demography and Reporting

 Census data highlights for the city of Hamilton covering the last four national censuses.

Includes City of Hamilton demographics and statistics.

This article looks at Hamilton's de-industrialization and the result it has had on the city and its population.

The City of Hamilton's open data portal covers topics such as business & economy, city services, census & demographics, culture & tourism, environment, health & safety, infrastructure, parking & transportation and parks & recreation. Search or browse for data. 

Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council report on immigration statistics for the City of Hamilton.

City of Hamilton neighbourhood development strategic plans

This non-profit organization helps community groups and organizations in the Hamilton area. Their publications typically cover poverty, homelessness and issues related to families and children.  Recent  community profiles of Ancaster, Dundas, Hamilton, Stoney Creek and the surrounding communities are also available.

Produced by the Hamilton Community Foundation, these reports delve into socio-economic factors and how they impact quality of life in Hamilton.

FSA (Forward Sortation Area) or postal code boundaries in Hamilton.

City of Hamilton Map Gallery containing over 100 free downloadable maps! Additional maps are available through the City of Hamilton's interactive online mapping and the Lloyd Reeds Map Collection at McMaster University.


Contains approximately 18,000 local business profiles. Search by company or browse by industry classification code (i.e., NAICS)

Location: MILLS Reserve (please take note of call numbers IPC)

The “Staging of Development” document is a comprehensive plan for the future growth of the City that co-ordinates the financing and construction of infrastructure and community facilities with planning studies and development approvals.

Looks at business growth, trends and changes in the city regarding employment.

Contains a number of datasets detailing Hamilton's workforce advantages for companies considering the city as a base.


General information on pre-k to grade 12 education in the province of Ontario.

A 2012 study looking at how family income influence school performance in Hamilton-area school districts.

Prepared for the Hamilton Public Library in 2018, this report details branch use across the city.

Includes financial documents relating to Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) for future fiscal years, the current fiscal year, as well as the past six fiscal years.

Based on the Annual Ontario School Survey, this report details technology use in provincial schools.


Environment Hamilton is a community-focused non-profit working towards a city that is a carbon-neutral community with secure local food sources, sustainable transportation, and healthy, clean air, water and land.

Sustainable Hamilton Burlington (SHB) is a non-profit social enterprise dedicated to inspiring sustainability leadership in organizations for a healthier environment and contributing to a resilient, low-carbon economy for Hamilton, Halton and Niagara regions.

Environment Hamilton's detailed map of local gardens supporting native pollinators and biodiversity. 

Food Systems

The Hamilton Food Share yearly hunger report compiles data on local food bank usage to determine who needs food, how often and what their reasons are for using food banks. 

A national organization that builds health, belonging and social justice in low-income communities across Canada through the power of food. 

Hamilton's food charter proposes a healthy, sustainable and just food system in Hamilton through three guiding principles. 

This report highlights food-related initiatives already underway and addresses the gaps and challenges to the Food Strategy vision.

This guide provides a list of place in Hamilton where food can be obtained for free or at a low cost. 

A policy action plan created by Food Secure Canada to address causes of food insecurity revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Information on the City of Hamilton's food advisory committee, which supports and advises on the implementation of Hamilton's Food Strategy, and the development of food related policies and programs through best practices and evidence-based research.


The Hamilton Spectator's investigative report on health outcomes in Hamilton.  Using hospital and census data, the report details health outcomes for Hamiltonians, delving into neighbourhood and socio-economic factors.

Details current community health programs and emerging public health concerns.

Developed by clinicians, this document delves into substance abuse issues in Ontario and promotes a harm-reduction, public health approach to dealing with the present opioid crisis.

Launched by a number of community organizations, the Hamilton Drug Strategy report includes details on drug use, overdose and substance-abuse related deaths in the Hamilton area.

This article studies the health inequalities in Hamilton and looks at the implications for senior residents.


The Government of Ontario's plan to stabilize and grow community housing in the province.

FSA (Forward Sortation Area) or postal code boundaries in Hamilton.

This national organization leads research into homelessness and acts as a hub for local community housing organizations.

The city of Hamilton's 10-year, solution-focused, person-centred plan that will guide decision making on how the Hamilton community will address affordable housing and homelessness issues.

Links a number of city sponsored studies into the state of Hamilton's housing market, finding housing, homelessness etc.

Produced by the Hamilton Community Foundation and the Social Planning & Research Council of Hamilton this report delves into socio-economic factors and how they impact quality of life in Hamilton.

City of Hamilton Map Gallery containing over 200 free downloadable maps. Additional maps are available through the City of Hamilton's interactive online mapping and the Lloyd Reeds Map Collection at McMaster University.

City of Hamilton's website providing details on subsidized housing requirements.

2021 report on the unaffordability of housing in Hamilton.

Policy and Government

A wealth of information covering the activity of the Mayor and City Council as well as pertinent information for Hamilton residents.

Election results extending to 2022.

The City of Hamilton’s Trust and Confidence report combines community and demographic information, as well as service related performance measurements.

​A comprehensive growth plan developed by the City of Hamilton in close consultation with residents and stakeholders.

Ward profiles for the City of Hamilton. Each ward profile provides an overview of the ward's features, assets and indicators of socio-demographic characteristics.

​Supplied by the Government of Ontario, the 2018 Ontario municipal councillor's guide provides an in-depth look into the roles and responsibilities of municipal governments. 

​A brief list of what federal, provincial, and municipal governments are in charge of in Canada. 


A 2019 CBC News article and link to an executive study aimed at discovering Hamiltonian's preferences and expectations of local public transit.

FSA (Forward Sortation Area) or postal code boundaries in Hamilton.

 Released in 2015 this series of plans detail the city's plan to expand transit throughout Greater Hamilton.

Prepared by the City of Hamilton and Metrolinx, this study investigates the impact of the proposed light rail transit developments.

Produced in collaboration with the Government of Ontario, this Pembina Institute published study looks at overall transit developments in Greater Hamilton and the planning and engagement processes at work.

Run by the city of Hamilton, this report details a number of different transportation strategies like the bike share program, new bike lanes, cycling and pedestrian counts and school travel planning.

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