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How Do I Cite?

Learn about citing and citation styles.

Business Citation & Style Guides

Humanities & Social Sciences Citation & Style Guides

Science & Technology Citation & Style Guides

  • ACS Style Quick Guide (American Chemical Society)  
    Useful for: Chemistry, Science & Technology. This site provides only sample references for books, journal articles, theses, patents, etc.
  • AIP Style Manual (American Institute of Physics)
    Useful for: Physics, Science & Technology

General & Multidisciplinary Citation & Style Guides

  • Citing Maps & Atlases (McMaster University Library)
    Useful for: citing maps & atlases in any discipline.
  • Harvard Style (Anglia Ruskin University)
    Has been adapted to suit many different publication styles covering print and electronic sources and includes how to cite U.K. and E.U. official documents. See also:
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