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How Do I Cite?

Learn about citing and citation styles.

Style Guides

Citation styles will overlap in their required citation elements, but differ in the formatting of their in text citations and list of references.

Major Style Guides

Which style guide should I use?

  • Your instructor may have a specific style that they would like you to follow or you may be free to choose whichever style you would prefer to use. Regardless of your selected style be consistent in your layout, your in text citations and your list of references.

What should I look for in the Style Guide?

  • It can be confusing to navigate a style guide for the first time. To make the process easier know the author and format of your source so that you can look them up in the index.


  • Is there one author?
  • Multiple authors?
  • Or maybe an editor?

There will be differences in the formatting for each of these options.


  • Is your resource print or electronic?
  • Is it a book or a journal article?
  • Or maybe a less common source format?

Depending on the source format you will need to include different citation elements.

Finally, remember to look up the rules for both the in text citations and the list of references

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