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Library Accessibility Services (LAS) and Campus Accessible Tech Space (CATS)

Information on the Library Accessibility Services and Campus Accessible Tech Space Departments

Location and Highlights

CATS Campus Location

We are located at L212 on the second floor of Mills Library near elevator two, north of the LAS office, through the keycard-accessible door.

Accessibility and Accommodation


  • A wheelchair-accessible location
  • Two private study booths, including automated height-adjustable tables with built-in digital memory controllers.
  • In the common area, we offer four more automated height-adjustable tables. 
  • Through our service desk, we can offer library book renewal
  • Two sound-dampening couches for partial isolation
  • A larger table for a study space
  • Games, puzzles, knitting kits, and other de-stressors (If you knit, please see our current Squares 4 MacKids volunteer knitting/crocheting project in cooperation with Wellwood's Warm Hope Squares Program).




Also, from our service desk, we can loan within CATS the following items:

  • BOOX Concussion monitor/tablet (low contrast, no-flicker viewing surface for those with migraines, ADHD, concussions, etc.) 
  • C-Pen Readerpen (pen text scanner/reader)
  • Access to a desk scanner (users can scan documents and make them accessible with Kurzweil or Adobe Pro)
  • A MAC laptop preloaded with Kurzweil 3000, Adobe Pro, JAWS, and Dragon Dictate.
  • A PC laptop preloaded with Kurzweil 3000, ZoomText 11, Adobe Pro, JAWS 18, as well as the standard complement of PC software found on Library Computers.
  • CCTV – used to magnify print documents displayed on a screen. The colour and contrast can be adjusted to the user's preference.
  • Motorized Height-Adjustable tables with programmable height settings, all with HDMI cabled monitors. Two tables are included in the privacy booths.
  • Scanner – users can scan documents and make them accessible with Kurzweil or Adobe Pro.
  • Freestanding Snowball Microphone
  • Headset with microphone
  • Livescribe EchoPen
  • Magnifying glasses, sheets, and bars
  • DAISY player
  • Various computer adaptors and accessories


Regulations, Registration and History

Space Regulations

We ask that CATS users be mindful that other users of the space may have auditory or isolation needs. As such, we ask that sound levels be kept to a minimum while you enjoy our area. We also ask that users refrain from inviting non-registered guests into CATS as we are limited in our space.  

How to Register

Our CATS space is only available to students who have formally registered with SAS. SAS-registered users may visit the CATS website to register for a CATS card. Otherwise, you may contact the Coordinator for Library Accessibility Services, Nancy Waite, or make an appointment at 905-525-9140 x26058.

About CATS

In the fall of 2018, Mills Library opened the doors to our new Assistive Technology Lab and was named our Campus Accessible Tech Space (or CATS) through a student naming contest. We seek to provide equitable resources, facilities, and services to foster dignity and independence for the McMaster University community.

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