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Library Accessibility Services (LAS) and Campus Accessible Tech Space (CATS)

Information on the Library Accessibility Services and Campus Accessible Tech Space Departments

Course Materials

The LAS office produces accessible format course materials. This includes textbooks, custom courseware, and class readings. Here's how to request a transcription.

  1. Register through Student Accessibility Services (SAS).  
  2. Fill in the Transcription Request Form as soon as possible.  It can take 4 - 6 weeks to obtain course material.
  3. Purchase a copy of the textbook and/or courseware and email the original receipt to LAS or upload it to the request form. 
  4. Provide the course outline and any readings needed for the class.  
  5. Completed files will be shared using OneDrive (we'll need to see receipts before a textbook can be shared).  

Note:  You will be required to complete an agreement, each term stating that the texts are necessary for the courses you are taking, you won't share the files with anyone else, and the files will be deleted at the end of the term. We work on requests on a first-come, first-served principle, with those that have purchased their books being given a higher priority than those that have not.  OneDrive links are active for the term and will be deleted after that time.  If you have difficulties using OneDrive, please contact the office; we will work with you to find other options.

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