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This course guide provides quick access to resources useful to your Materials Science and Engineering research.


Definition: a legal agreement between an inventor and the government; excludes others from making, using, or selling that invention for a limited time in a particular country country

Why search for patents?

  • to learn how something works (diagrams, description)
  • avoid duplication of research efforts
  • identify research trends and/or licensing opportunities​


A comprehensive list of patent search tools is available from the Articles/Databases tab, use the dropdown menu to find ‘patents’ and hit the go button. 

Canadian Patents

International/Multi-country Patents


Definition: a published document with technical specifications to be used as a rule, guideline, or definition; created for the purpose of ensuring things work safely, behave reliably, and are produced uniformly.

Why search for standards?

  • laws sometimes refer to standards, making compliance mandatory

  • can be a constraint, method, or metric in your design

Looking for another standard? See what we 
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