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Open Educational Resources (OER)


Benefits to Faculty

  • Materials are accessible and available in many formats
  • Low or no cost means students won't forego purchasing required course material and may perform better as a result
  • Ability to customize course materials and publish them under a Creative Commons License
  • Facilitates e-Learning

Finding OER

See OER Collections

Creating OER

If you'd like support on how to use OER in your course or if you're interested in adapting, adopting or creating an open textbook contact Joanne Kehoe or Olga Perkovic at You can also use these faculty toolkits and resources to get started:



  Anastassiya Yudintseva




Three reasons to use OER: Empowerment, Access, Success

Claire Coulter, Scott Cowen, Emma Gooch


top 10 myths about Open Access

 Jenni Hayman, Olga Perkovic, Nada Savicevic