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How Do I Track Citations?

Cited Reference Search in Social Science Citation Index

Example: Goulder, LH, Parry IWH, and Williams RC, et al. “The cost-effectiveness of alternative instruments for environmental protection in a second-best setting.” Journal of Public Economics 72, 3 (June 1999): 329-360.

1. From the library home page click on the Databases Tab and search by database name for "SSCI" or "Social Science Citation Index;" click on the title Social Sciences Citation Index to connect to the database.

2. In the database click on Cited Reference Search.

3. Give details of the article that you would like to find references to.

a. Cited Author: type author's last name and first initial followed by an asterisk  ex// Goulder L*

b. Cited Work: type the abbreviation of the journal name; if unsure look for the correct abbreviation in the "View abbreviations list" link provided ex// J Public Econ

c. Cited Year(s): type the year the article was published  ex// 1999

screenshot of the Cited Reference Search page

4. On the results screen, select any references that match your article and click Finish Search to display the titles.

* Check the Volume and Page to be sure that you have the right article. Keep in mind that some articles may be cited incorrectly!

Screenshot of the example result page

5. To print, save, export or email these citations select the source and click Add to Marked List.

Screenshot of results page with Add to Marked List highlighted.

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