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How Do I Link to e-Resources?

Creating persistent URLs to library e-resources.

Other e-Resources

Step 1 --

Find the e-Resource in Omni

Step 2 --

When you find the e-Resource, click the title to view the full record. Go to the Links section, right-click the relevant link (usually labelled with *McMaster only) and select Copy Link Location or Copy Shortcut.
If there is no Links section with a direct URL to the e-resource, consider using a Permalink to the Omni record.

Step 3 --

Paste the copied URL into Avenue to Learn, course web pages, etc.
NOTE: The URL in the record is fully formatted for on- and off-campus access. Do not click the link to the e-Resource and then copy the URL in your browser's address bar!

Step 4 --

Please test all URLs that you include in Avenue to Learn or course web pages to ensure that they resolve properly, both on and off-campus.


  1. Search for the title MIT CogNet in Omni.
  2. Select MIT CogNet to view the full record.
  3. In the Links section of the record, copy the URL (in this case the URL is and paste it into Avenue to Learn or course web pages)
  4. Once you have made the page "live", test the URL!
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