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How Do I Link to e-Resources?

Creating persistent URLs to library e-resources.


Step 1 --

Find the most reliable link to the article. In most databases and e-journals, the best link is the DOI (Digital Object Identifier). If you can't find a DOI, a Persistent URL (also called Article URL, Durable URL, Stable URL, etc.) is the second best option. If you can't find either, the URL in your browser's address bar might also work. For Factiva articles, use the document number located at the bottom of the article.

Step 2 --

Paste the DOI, URL, or Factiva document number into the form below & select the GO button. For Factiva articles, select the Factiva Article checkbox.

Factiva Article

DOI: 10.1111/j.1460-2466.2006.00030.x
Persistent URL: 
 Document #: weup000020020731dy4100008


Step 3 --

After you select the GO button, the fully formatted URL will appear in the dark grey box above. This URL will allow McMaster users to access the article from anywhere (on & off-campus). You may copy and paste this URL into Avenue to Learn, course web pages, etc.

Step 4 --

Please test all URLs that you include in Avenue to Learn or course web pages to ensure that they resolve properly, both on and off-campus.

NOTE: If you have a complete citation, but cannot find the article in a database or e-journal, use the Citation Finder to determine whether the article is online or not (enter the complete citation information when using the Citation Finder). If you find the article, click the Permalink icon for a URL you can copy and paste into Avenue to Learn, course web pages, etc.

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