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A Guide to Mendeley

An introduction to the citation manager Mendeley.

Quality Assurance

Mendeley facilitates the management and formatting of citations. However, like other citation management software tools, it is vital that you check the citation data at the import stage, the formatting of your in-text citations, and the generated bibliography to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the data captured or the references being produced. Sometimes, if there were entry errors for your resources' metadata, those same errors could be replicated in your in-text citations and/or bibliographies. 

Creating Bibliographies within Microsoft Word

  • Once you've installed Mendeley Cite, open Microsoft Word.
  • Go to the References tab in your Word document.
  • Select Mendeley Cite and sign in to Mendeley Reference Manager.
  • Position the cursor where you want the bibliography to appear in your document and go to the Mendeley Cite add-in window.
  • Select the More menu and select the Insert Bibliography button in the drop down list.

Mendeley Cite in Microsoft Word

Creating Bibliographies within Mendeley Reference Manager

  • Right click the resource you’d like to cite, and select Copy As and then Formatted Citation.
  • You can then copy and paste the citation into your bibliography.
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