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A Guide to Mendeley

An introduction to the citation manager Mendeley.

Quality Assurance

Mendeley facilitates the management and formatting of citations. However, like other citation management software tools, it is vital that you check the citation data at the import stage, the formatting of your in-text citations, and the generated bibliography to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the data captured or the references being produced. Sometimes, if there were entry errors for your resources' metadata, those same errors could be replicated in your in-text citations and/or bibliographies. 

Mendeley Web Importer

  • Once the Mendeley web importer is installed, go to a web page you’d like to cite.
  • Click on the Mendeley icon Mendeley Web Importer icon near the address bar in your browser. A Web Importer pop-up window should open in your browser.
  • In the Web Importer window ...
    • sign in to your Mendeley account (if not already open)
    • select  the checkbox next to the reference you’d like to import
    • if you’d like the PDF (if one is available), check the Add PDFs if available box.
    • from the drop-down list, select the library (or folder) you’d like to add your reference to and click the Add button.

Using Mendeley Web Importer

Drag and Drop

  • Download the PDF of the item you’d like to import into Mendeley.
  • Select the PDF (can select multiple, if you’d like!) and simply drag and drop into Mendeley Reference Manager.

Drag and drop into Mendeley

Add New

  • In Mendeley Reference Manager, use the Add New option to import citations from a file, manually add an entry, or import a library of citations from another reference manager product.

Add New option in Mendeley

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