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A Guide to Mendeley

An introduction to the citation manager Mendeley.

Mendeley Web Importer

  • Once the Mendeley web importer is installed, go to a web page you’d like to cite.
  • Click on the Mendeley icon Mendeley Web Importer icon near the address bar in your browser. A Web Importer pop-up window should open in your browser.
  • In the Web Importer window ...
    • sign in to your Mendeley account (if not already open)
    • select  the checkbox next to the reference you’d like to import
    • if you’d like the PDF (if one is available), check the Add PDFs if available box.
    • from the drop-down list, select the library (or folder) you’d like to add your reference to and click the Add button.

Using Mendeley Web Importer

Drag and Drop

  • Download the PDF of the item you’d like to import into Mendeley.
  • Select the PDF (can select multiple, if you’d like!) and simply drag and drop into Mendeley Reference Manager.

Drag and drop into Mendeley

Add New

  • In Mendeley Reference Manager, use the Add New option to import citations from a file, manually add an entry, or import a library of citations from another reference manager product.

Add New option in Mendeley

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