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A Guide to Zotero

An introduction to the citation manager Zotero.

Formatting Documents & Creating Bibliographies in Word Processors

Zotero can automatically create and update bibliographies and format citations (in-text, footnotes) in a variety of citation styles in your document by installing Zotero's plugins for word processors such as Microsoft Word, LibreOffice or Google Docs

  • For Microsoft Word (or LibreOffice), open Zotero desktop, go the Edit menu and select Preferences
    • At the Zotero Preferences window, select Cite, go the Word Processors tab and install the Microsoft Word Add-in (or LibreOffice Add-in) and click OK.
    • Once installed, a Zotero tab should appear in Word (or LibreOffice).
    • In Word (or LibreOffice), use the options in the Zotero plugin toolbar to format citations and bibliographies in your documents. Visit Zotero's word processor integration documentation for detailed instructions.

      Zotero Plugin tab in MS Word

Creating a Bibliography from within Zotero

If all you need to do is create a list of references to email to someone or post to a website, it is not necessary to use a word processor plugin. You can create a bibliography directly within Zotero.

  1. In Zotero desktop, select the references or folder to create the bibliography from and right click on the selected references and choose Create Bibliography from Items... [In Zotero web, select references and then pick the Create Bibliography button in the toolbar.]

    Zotero Create Bibliography from Items window
  2. In the resulting window, select the Citation Style (e.g., APA), Output Mode (i.e., Bibliography) and Output Method (e.g., RTF - Rich Text Format) and then follow the prompts depending on the selections you have made. [In Zotero web, select Citation Style from drop-down menu and Copy to Clipboard or Copy HTML].

    Zotero Create Citation/Bibliography window
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